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Brain Cancer is a cluster of abnormal cells that start growing unusually and aggressively in the brain. These cells overpower the healthy cells; invade into their space, blood and also the nutrients, which damages the brain’s harmonious functioning badly.

Brain Cancer is undeniably one of the scariest type of Cancer, obviously because of the organ involved. The treatment involved too is quite challenging because of the factors like age of the patient, overall health condition, tricky location of the tumour, etc. However, with the Cancer treatment technologies developing in leaps and bounds, such patients have a lot of scope of getting successfully cured.



There are two types of Brain Cancer – Primary Brain Cancer and Secondary Brain Cancer.

  • Primary Brain Cancer – This initiates from the brain cells, the membranes surrounding the brain, glands or nerves. Basically, any tumour arising in the brain is Primary Brain Cancer. Some of the common types of Primary Brain Cancer are:

o   Astrocytoma

o   Brainstem Gliomas

o   Ependymoma

o   Glioblastoma Multiforme

o   Medulloblastoma

  • Secondary or Metastatic Brain Cancer – This type of Cancer starts in any other part of the body and invades into the brain. The brain tumour can be benign or non-cancerous or malignant with Cancer cells that keep growing rapidly. The most common ones that affect the brain are:

o   Melanoma

o   Colorectal Cancer

o   Breast Cancer

o   Renal Cell Carcinoma


Low Cost in India


Finding the best-priced treatment option can be a major hindrance for many patients because owing to this there are many, who cannot reach the right treatment. More specifically, in the matter of Brain Cancer, receiving the timely cure plays a very vital role in the patient’s recovery. For such patients, India is a huge source of relief, because Brain Cancer surgery in India can be found very sensibly priced at the Indian hospitals. The affordability is obvious when the cost differences are observed – for example, Craniotomy procedure is priced at $4,500 only, whereas it costs $20,000 in USA, $24,000 in UK, $5,500 in Thailand and $7,000 in Singapore. A Microsurgery is priced at $5,200 in India while in USA it is priced at $30,000 and in UK $22,000.

Thus, with such major cost differences, the patients from many corners of the world are benefitting from low cost Brain Cancer surgery India.


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Best Hospitals and Surgeons

The hospital chosen to get any treatment or procedure and the surgical hands implementing the particular procedure are two of the most fundamental requirements for any patient. Further, when it comes to Brain Cancer, these factors are all the more vital as it is dealing with an organ like ‘brain’. In this matter, India is immensely blessed as the hospitals in India have state-of-the-art Oncology department armed with cutting edge surgical equipment and the latest techniques practiced here regularly.

Not only this, the hospitals are home to a large pool of talent as the Cancer specialists have the top qualifications from the finest medical institutes. These specialists are confident, committed and skilled to handle the most delicate brain surgeries with extreme ease, which is very assuring for the patients.


Forerunners helps

For those, who are planning a Brain Cancer treatment in India, without any worries, they can choose to get their medical tours planned by Forerunners Healthcare Consultants. This organization makes sure that the patients have a highly rewarding treatment experience in India, by offering them services like:

  • Brain Cancer surgery planned at the top Indian hospitals with very commendable success rates
  • We are associated with the best Cancer specialists of international fame
  • Low cost Brain Cancer surgery India guaranteed
  • No worried related to medical visa, accommodation, coordinating with the hospital, etc. – everything is           handled by us
  • Food requirements handled as per diet restrictions
  • Pick up and drop facilities from the airport
  • Very ethical approach
  • Arranging a consultation with the concerned Cancer specialist, as soon as possible
  • Patients assured utmost Brain Cancer surgery advantages India
  • Dedicated follow ups even after the patients are back in their respective countries




As more and more international patients choose India as their treatment venue, there is a lot of pressure on India’s healthcare system to keep its infrastructure and services updated at all times. Further, with Cancer hospitals in India highly equipped with the most modern forms of treatment infrastructure, the international patients can be totally assured about receiving the best kind of cure associated with Brain Cancer surgery in India. Further, Forerunner Healthcare group ascertains that these patients, while in India, do not have to face any obstacles and gain maximum Brain Cancer surgery advantages India.


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