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The limb salvage surgery in India is a procedure designed to remove cancer often the bone tumors or bone sarcomas and soft tissues sarcomas that affect the body’s extremities without amputation by preserving the nearby nerves, tendons and blood vessels to provide the patient with the greatest possible level of function. Often it is used with radiation and/or chemotherapy which is most commonly recommended for patients whose cancer is spreading slowly.


During this procedure, the surgeon will remove the tumor and affected tissue as well as some surrounding healthy tissue. If part of the bone is removed then it is replaced either with prosthesis, bone grafts or a bone transplant after which muscle and soft tissue from elsewhere in the body are used to close the wound. Ultimately the replacement bone fuses with the original bone thereby allow the patients to move his or her limb. In the recent years the limb salvage surgery in India has also been used for patients who are affected by the chronic degenerative bone and joint diseases such as the rheumatoid arthritis and those with acute or chronic limb wounds or those facing amputation due to diabetes.


The limb salvage surgery is most commonly used in cases wherein in the past the amputation would have been used to stop the cancer from spreading from a limb. Additionally the limb salvage surgery has been used for patients with rheumatoid arthritis, chronic infections and other degenerative bone and joint disease and those patients who face the limb amputation due to diabetes and those with acute or chronic limb wounds.


The cancer patients who have had limb salvage surgery have good prognosis as those whose extremity was amputated and the salvaged limbs function better than the artificial ones. Patients who have had this surgery may take up to a year to walk again and those who have undergone upper extremity salvage need to learn about new ways to use their affected arm or hand. Additionally this surgery is related to higher risk of cancer recurrence than amputation because there is no difference in survival rates. There is no difference in mortality rates of patients undergoing the limb salvage surgery or the limb amputation.


For patients who face the prospect of amputation due to chronic infections, tumors, serious accidents, limb salvage surgery in India by Forerunners Healthcare is the most preferred choice. Our network of hospitals and doctors have immense experience to perform this surgery which is designed to preserve the limb itself while removing the bone and soft tissues that are affected by disease or injury. This surgery has given the patients with greatest possible level of function. Our surgical specialists in India can help you decide if the limb salvage surgery is right for you and also support you through your recovery and rehabilitation process.


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