Affordable Kidney Transplant in India- Christmas Special


Kidneys can be called as two bean shaped body organs that are located over either side of the lower abdomen areas near the back. All these organs carried loads of small size filters known as nephrons that help in filtering the toxic waste stuff and lethal chemicals from your blood along with filtering out extra amount of fluid along with discarding the same from your body in the form of urine. However, with high blood sugar levels, one can witness the issue of damaging the filters that lead to a long term kidney damage, which in turn hamper the function of these important body parts. The blood vessels found in the kidneys are very much small in size and even high BP can hamper the functioning. At such junctures one may need kidney transplant. If you are looking for affordable and high solutions, consider kidney transplant in India.


The Kidney Disease

When nephrons gets damaged, the kidneys are seen losing the filtering capacities and this is the very condition, which is termed as kidney disease. The lethal substances simply remain in circulation over the blood that can be really a threat to one’s life in the coming time. If however, the kidney disease are left untreated it can bring in a number of organ failure and thus at the end of the day it can lead to death. There are so many stages of kidney disease and when you find anyone losing 90 percent of the kidney function, they are seen ending up the stage kidney disease. With these issues kidney transplant in India can give you a better chance from recovering from this menace.


What are the symptoms?

The end stage kidney disease can be called as the final stage of kidney failure wherein you would find the functions of the kidney getting degenerated. Some of the symptoms one can experience would be as under:

  •  Infrequent amount of urination that initially progresses to excessive amount of urination especially during the night time
  • Causes muscles cramps owing to low calcium levels
  • Abnormal heart fatigue and rhythms
  • Edema over the arms, legs owing to water retention
  •  Appetite loss and quick weight loss 


Kidney Transplant - Procedure

The surgical procedure of kidney transplant deals with transplanting any healthy kidney that is donated from any healthy person who is usually the patient’s close one. The newly added kidney is often place over the lower right/left side of the patient’s abdomen area wherein the surgeon connects the same to the nearby blood vessels along with the bladder. The artery and vein of your new kidney are then connected to the patient’s artery and vein. This new newly added kidney’’s ureter is hen attached to the bladder in order to simply allow the waste (urine) to pass out from the body. At times the patient may experience a rejection of the newly added kidney owing to the immune reactions in the body, which is often the case due to weak immune system of the of the person that leads to this secondary infection, however, this is a rare thing.


Kidney Transplant in India

India boasts out to be one of most competitive nephrology treatment destination for global patients. The Kidney Transplant in India is carried out with utter dexterity and care, which gives the global patients not just relief from their pain but also end up making their simple simpler. The high end hospitals and competitive surgeons catering Kidney Transplant in India are known for better and the best results. And the best part of Kidney Transplant in India is the cost, which is really low when you compare the same with the US and UK. Thus the medical tourists get enough reasons to flock in for the Kidney Transplant in India and other required treatments.

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