Breast Cancer Treatment In India - Right Decision For A Better Future

Conversations mentioning breast cancer sounds dangerous with some patients beating cancer or some women may have died. Advanced and alternative to conventional methods have been found and are much better giving positive outcomes. Breast cancer treatment in India will be right decision for a better future with price. Breast cancer is a growth of abnormal and unhealthy cells in tissues of breasts, commonly observed in women. It can be noticed in one of eight women. Every year thousands of women die due to same disorder without being diagnosed due to lack of awareness. Since past few years, the disorder is being detected and target operations are performed according to the stage of patient’s tumor.


 The treatment options are available with respective type.

·   Conventional methods are mostly used by the surgeons but surgery for breast cancer gives better results involving lower risk. This is decided and advised by the surgeons study on patient’s condition. The known techniques by which patients are treated are chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery and targeted therapy.

·        Surgeries are classified by many types as lumpectomy, mastectomy.


1.     Lumpectomy is surgery done when the tumor is small in size and tumor along with some healthy surrounding tissues are removed.

2.     Mastectomy - large tumors are removed by surgically eliminating whole breast through operation.

3.     Brachytherapy - This comes under radiation therapy. Radiation sources are placed under the skin, near the tumor and required amount of radiation are given as per condition of patient. This is beneficial as radiations act on the specific area and targets the cancerous cells only. Healthy cells are not destroyed. These methods are used in India top class hospital giving utmost care to the patients coming in search of health in affordable way.

Early detection can cure whole cancer and give a safe life ahead. Forerunners Healthcare Consultants are ace medical tourism consultants help to connect the best and top notching hospital and surgeons in India for treatment. Breast cancer treatment in India cost a fraction, compared to that in developed nations. The team offers in package, end-to-end facility from travel assistance to returning back healthy. The Team specializes in organizing an excellent tour for overseas patients supporting them emotionally and mentally throughout treatment. The patients feel acquainted in country by feeling exactly like home.

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