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Anxiety, depression, excitement, loneliness and most of the human emotions often trigger the urge to eat more. People frequently use it as a coping mechanism which when continued without watch, can lead to adverse effects. Eating just to fulfill one’s palate never does our body any good and must be avoided most times. Unwatched eating as well as regular habits like sleeping hours, physical activities can bring about several health disorders, obesity being the top ranker. While many obese or overweight people successfully loose the extra fat with strict diet, exercise and healthy sleep hours, some may need serious medical help to get rid of it. Weight loss surgery can be called the last sort to regain a normal sized body.


Obesity increases the chances of diabetes nearly 20 times and also the risk of developing high blood pressure and other heart disorders. Higher the Body Mass Index, higher is the vulnerability to disease. Obese people have difficulty in walking for long, lifting heavy objects, and getting up from an armless chair. Overweight also decreases life expectancy there has an increase from 20% to 40% in death rates among people who were overweight at midlife. Weight loss surgeries are not magic wands and though they do more than half the job, the patient is ought to do his part of rigorous rehabilitation steps like watching his/her food intake, daily exercise, proper medication. Medical expenses are the only obstacles that keep patients away from good healthcare facilities. The cost of living in India is lesser than many developed countries, but the healthcare facilities are of international standards making it easy for overseas patients get savings with high class treatment.


Weight-loss surgeries make required changes to the patient’s digestive system to help him lose weight by limiting how much he can eat or by reducing the absorption ability of nutrients, or both. Gastric bypass surgery is a type of weight-loss surgery performed when diet and exercise do yield required results or when one has serious health problems because of extra weight. There are several types of weight-loss surgeries, jointly known as bariatric surgery. Gastric bypass is amongst the most common types. Many surgeons prefer performing gastric bypass surgery because it usually has fewer complications as compared to other weight-loss surgeries. After the surgery, the patient must make permanent healthy amends to his diet and do regular exercise to ensure the long-term success of the weight-loss surgery.


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