Cheap Cost Colon Cancer Surgery in India to Get Relief from Colon Tumors.

low cost colon cancer surgery in India
low cost colon cancer surgery in India

Overview  Colon Cancer


If you are a victim of colon cancer for quite some months then this is the right time to get cancer treatment. You can come quickly to get the low cost colon cancer surgery in India. This will help you in getting cured of the disease before expiry of the scheduled deadline. Colon cancer is also known as colorectal cancer or large bowel cancer. In this type of cancer tumors arise in the colon, rectum and appendix. The screening for colon cancer starts at the age of 40 in adult people. Nearly 80 percent of cases of colon cancer are seen in fully grown adults without any kind of risk. This kind of cancer may leave an impact on any racial group. Some medical studies indicate that North Europeans and Americans carry high risks of being afflicted by colon cancer. Colon cancer is the third most common type of cancer that troubles men and women. It is a common kind of malignancy in which uncontrolled tumors grow along the lining of colon and the rectum. Nearly 600,000 deaths occur every year due to colon cancer around the world.


Kinds of colon cancers:


Following are the main groups of colon cancers:


  •    Lymphomas: These are the most rarely found cancers. However this cancer is found more in the rectum instead of being seen in the colon. However lymphomas that arise else where in the body show great chances of spreading and invading in the entire colon.
  •    Leimyosarcomas: This kind of colon cancer arises in the smooth muscles of the rectum and colon. It comprises less than two percent of colorectal cancers and have a greater chance of performing metastasis.
  •    Adenocarcinomas:This is one of the most commonly recognized colon cancer. It develops in the glands. It has two sub groups they are mucinous and signet ring cells. The mucinous sub group comprises nearly 10-15% of adenocarcinomas while signet ring cell comprises less than 1% of adenocarcinomas.    

Three ways of curing colon cancer


Following are the three ways of curing colon cancer:


  • Chemotherapy: In this method chemical drugs are given to the patient to stop the growth cancer tumors in the body. This kind of remedy either destroys the cancer cells or either stops them from multiplying and dividing among themselves. Chemotherapy is either given by mouth or is injected in the blood stream by making a tiny incision in the veins of the arms. These chemicals travel through the blood stream and kill the cancer cells that are seen in the rectum and colon.
  • Radiation therapy: In this therapy powerful energy sources like X-rays come to destroy cells that might remain alive even after the surgery.
  •  Surgery: Surgery is the most common treatment for all stages of colon cancer. It is an ideal condition if cancer is detected at an early stage then the surgeon removes the tumor with the help of a colonoscope. However during most of the period colon surgery is required.   


Consider India for colon cancer surgery:


India is an ideal destination for getting colon cancer surgery. You can consider colon cancer surgery advantages in India because this treatment is available at a low cost in India. The Indian cancer surgery hospitals providing this surgery are highly sophisticated and have the best surgical amenities. If you come to India then you can get medical treatment and vacationing at the same time. Indian medical tourism has become very famous among patients coming from abroad destinations like USA, UK, Canada and other countries of Europe. You can send your queries at . You can also make a phone call to us at +91-9371136499.