Liver Transplant in India at Mumbai and Delhi without Any Risks

Overview of liver

Liver transplant of India is giving relief to those patients who are facing with serious problems like liver failure. The liver is located on the right side behind the case of spinal ribs. This organs has many functions including processing of proteins, fats and carbohydrates and breaking down of drugs and alcohol. The liver is an organ that manufactures chemical components that help in the clotting of blood. If the liver fails then the patient loses the ability of blood clotting. It processes the nutrients that are essential for life. The liver also excretes a yellow digestive juice called bile that may be produced and accumulated if the patient's liver is not functioning properly.

What is liver transplantation?

Liver transplantation is also known as hepatic transplantation. It is a major surgical procedure in which damaged or diseased liver is replaced with a healthy liver. This procedure is a bit time consuming and demands great care. Liver transplant is performed in the condition of acute failure of liver or during an end stage liver disorder. What are the common reasons for liver transplantation? Following are some of the most common reasons for doing liver transplantation: 1) End stage Cirrhosis that can be the outcome of alcoholic cirrhosis, primary bilary sclerosis and hemochromatosis and chronic hepatitis. 2) Liver cancers like primary hepatic adenomas and primary hepatocellular carcinomas. 3) Fulminant viral hepatitis (A, B, C,D). 4) Genetic liver diseases. 5) Fulminant hepatic failure.

Who is the most eligible candidate for liver transplantation:

Persons who face acute and chronic liver disease are eligible candidates for the procedure of liver transplantation. The decision to start the process of determining if you are a candidate should be taken in a serious way. Besides determining one's candidature it is essential to consider the financial, physical and emotional aspects of a transplant.

Who is not an eligible candidate for liver transplant?

There are certain conditions that can disqualify a person from undergoing transplant of the liver. These conditions include Aids (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome), presence of cancer in an organ other than the liver, metastatic cancer of the liver, severe active infection, alcoholic liver disease, active substance abuse, advanced lung and heart disease.

Who can be donors for liver transplantation?

Following are the donors of liver transplantation: 1) Deceased donor: The process of liver transplant can be done with a deceased donor i:e someone who has died. The large majority of liver transplants use the entire liver from a non living donor for transplant, particularly from fully grown recipients. 2) Living donor: A living donor is usually some person that is in the family or a family friend.

Liver transplantation can be performed with the help of two types of donors: 1) Deceased donor: Liver transplantation can be done with a deceased donor from someone who has died. The large majority of liver transplants use the entire liver from a non-living donor for the transplant, particularly for adult recipients 2) Living donor: A living donor is usually someone in the family or a close friend.

How is preparation for liver transplant done?

The preliminary evaluation done before liver transplant is also known as Phase I evaluation. It is the first step to help you and your liver transplant team if the transplant is an appropriate treatment alternative. Every patient is evaluated by the liver specialist who is known as hepatologist. The appointment with the surgeon will ne carried on for the entire day and might seem to be very tiring. However the following tips will help you to prepare for the first appointment. 1) You should have a family member of domestic guardian who can come with you to take information about the liver transplant process. 2) As you are undergoing many tests, so you should not eat or drink after midnight of the day before your liver transplant surgery. 3) If you plan to bring a snack then also bring the medications that you are taking on the advice of your doctor.

What is the scope of liver transplant in India?

Liver transplant in India is done through cutting edge technology, research and world class infrastructure for healthcare. This has helped many patients to get them rid of complex and dreaded liver disease. Liver transplantation is a very complex surgical exercise and require highly skilled medical staff, highly skilled consultants and advanced healthcare technology. There are many advantages of liver transplant in India. Indian surgeons and hospitals offer non stop solutions for those who seek complex surgical procedures like liver transplantation. They offer the procedure of liver transplant at a less price.

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