HIFU for Prostate Cancer Treatment in India

Introduction to HIFU

HIFU for prostate cancer treatment in India has been considered as a well known cancer treatment. HIFU refers to “High Intensity Focused Ultrasound”. The most significant advantage of using HIFU prostate cancer treatment is that this procedure is not so complicated. It is very precise and does not have any side effects like other traditional prostate cancer treatment procedures. In this treatment ultrasound waves of high intensity are used for destroying cancer cells.



How does HIFU cure prostate cancer?

HIFU heats and destroys the cells of cancer that are found in the prostate gland. In this procedure ultrasound waves travel through the walls of the rectum and enter the prostate gland. They are focused into a small area.The ultrasound energy heats the cells of the prostate gland. This heat terminates the cancer cells that are present in the prostate gland. In this procedure the surgeon is able to focus himself on treating the prostate gland and avoid doing treatment on other nearby organs.  


Who is the perfect candidate for HIFU cancer treatment?

Following patients are the perfect candidates for HIFU prostate cancer treatment:

1)   Patients who can bear anesthesia after suffering from prostate cancer disease.

2)   Patients who do not want to keep long waiting for an appointment to cure prostate cancer disease.

3)   Patients who understand the purpose of HIFU treatment and do not want to undergo other procedures like radiation therapy and chemotherapy etc.



What is the success rate of HIFU prostate cancer treatment?

Clinical studies reveal that nearly 90% of patients do not need any other surgery for treating prostate cancer after undergoing HIFU for prostate cancer treatment. HIFU treatment has an identical success rate just like radical prostatectomy. It is beneficial like using non invasive technology.



Advantages of HIFU prostate cancer treatment

Following are the main advantages of HIFU prostate cancer treatment:

1)   Nearly 90% of patients get effective cure from prostate cancer after undergoing the procedure of HIFU treatment.


2)   There is no need of making incisions during HIFU prostate cancer treatment. Therefore there is no chance of skin infections.



3)   The patients undergoing HIFU prostate cancer treatment are allowed to return home on the very next day after the surgery.


Why consider India for HIFU prostate cancer treatment?

Following are the main reasons for considering India as a chosen destination concerning HIFU for prostate cancer treatment:

11.  Patients from abroad destinations can take HIFU for prostate cancer treatment in India because this country has been ranked among top 5 destinations of the world where medical tourism is growing at a fast rate. The price of HIFU in India is quite affordable to other world destinations.



2)   Cancer surgery hospitals in India at Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai are those places where modern technology is being used to cure prostate cancer. In India foreign patients won’t have to wait too long. They will get immediate appointment with a reputed and experienced cancer surgeon. You can know more about HIFU for prostate cancer treatment in India by sending your queries at enquiry@forerunnershealthcare.com . You can also make a phone call to us at +91-9371136499