Plan your Liver Transplant in India to get maximum Cost Benefits


The Liver is the second most frequently transplanted vital organ, after Kidney. This shows that Liver diseases are very serious and highly prevalent around the world. Liver is the largest organ in our body and has a distinctive quality to regenerate. Almost 70 percent of the Liver can be removed without any worries. Within a week’s time or sometimes in about 3-4 weeks the Liver is able to retain its original size and structure.

A Liver Transplant becomes necessary when the Liver functions are affected beyond getting repaired by other treatment or surgical techniques.


Which patients want to get Liver Transplant?


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Advanced Prostate Cancer Treatment and Surgery in India: Price at Your Budget

Overview Prostate Cancer

The Prostate gland is known to be part of the male reproductive system and lies just beneath the bladder and in front of the rectum and surrounds a portion of the urethra. Prostate Cancer, also referred to as Carcinoma of the Prostate, is a condition where malignant Cancer cells develop in the tissues of the Prostate. The exact cause behind Prostate Cancer is not clear but there are some factors that can make an individual more vulnerable to this disorder – age, family history, height and weight, ethnicity, environmental factors, etc. 


Describe Prostate Cancer Surgery

The primary type of surgery for Prostate Cancer is called a Radical Prostatectomy. In this, the surgeon eliminates the whole gland and some of the nearby tissue, along with the seminal vesicles. A Radical Prostatectomy can be performed in several ways: 

  • Radical Retropubic Prostatectomy: The surgeon makes a cut in the lower abdomen, from the belly button going down till the pubic bone. If the surgeon finds that the Cancer has spread to the surrounding lymph nodes, then these might be removed as well.
  • Radical Perineal Prostatectomy: This approach is performed by making an incision amid the anus and scrotum that is the Perineum. This approach is not used much because it leads to erection problems and also because the nearby lymph nodes can’t be removed.
  • Next are the Laparoscopic approaches:
  • Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy: The surgeon uses special instruments that are passed via very small incisions 
  • Robotic-assisted Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy: This is done with the help of a robotic system, that uses robotic arms to perform the surgery.

Available Treatments for Prostate Cancer in India

As the medical field keeps advancing, more and more treatment and surgery options are being added. For Prostate Cancer too, there is a wide range of treatment options available:

  • Robotic Surgery
  • Cyber Knife Surgery
  • Laser Surgery
  • High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)
  • Radical Prostatectomy
  • Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy
  • External Beam Radiotherapy
  • Brachytherapy
  • Hormone Therapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Cyrotherapy

Advanced Robotic Prostate Cancer success rate


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Cancer Surgeons in India are the best & Competitive to seek help for Cancer Care



If you look at the best cancer hospitals in India then you can find a number of things. Right from the best facilities backed with state of art technologies to the best cancer surgeons in India, there are many more things to avail in these hospitals. One of the key reasons why a number of best cancer hospitals in India are known across the nation is the very presence of top cancer Surgeons in India. The cancer care can be called the specialty of the various hospitals in India that deals with removing the cancerous cells using several surgical and non-surgical methods. We know how cancer is regarded as the most dreaded disease on earth but considering the presence of the best healthcare services and treatment options for the cancer, more and more people are now looking for a change in getting the best healthcare services in this country. Now, let’s check the role of the cancer surgeons in India in the following paragraphs:


Cancer Surgeons in India at a glance


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Get More Information about Limb Salvage Surgery in India by Contacting Forerunners Healthcare

The limb salvage surgery in India is a procedure designed to remove cancer often the bone tumors or bone sarcomas and soft tissues sarcomas that affect the body’s extremities without amputation by preserving the nearby nerves, tendons and blood vessels to provide the patient with the greatest possible level of function. Often it is used with radiation and/or chemotherapy which is most commonly recommended for patients whose cancer is spreading slowly.


During this procedure, the surgeon will remove the tumor and affected tissue as well as some surrounding healthy tissue. If part of the bone is removed then it is replaced either with prosthesis, bone grafts or a bone transplant after which muscle and soft tissue from elsewhere in the body are used to close the wound. Ultimately the replacement bone fuses with the original bone thereby allow the patients to move his or her limb. In the recent years the limb salvage surgery in India has also been used for patients who are affected by the chronic degenerative bone and joint diseases such as the rheumatoid arthritis and those with acute or chronic limb wounds or those facing amputation due to diabetes.


The limb salvage surgery is most commonly used in cases wherein in the past the amputation would have been used to stop the cancer from spreading from a limb. Additionally the limb salvage surgery has been used for patients with rheumatoid arthritis, chronic infections and other degenerative bone and joint disease and those patients who face the limb amputation due to diabetes and those with acute or chronic limb wounds.


The cancer patients who have had limb salvage surgery have good prognosis as those whose extremity was amputated and the salvaged limbs function better than the artificial ones. Patients who have had this surgery may take up to a year to walk again and those who have undergone upper extremity salvage need to learn about new ways to use their affected arm or hand. Additionally this surgery is related to higher risk of cancer recurrence than amputation because there is no difference in survival rates. There is no difference in mortality rates of patients undergoing the limb salvage surgery or the limb amputation.


For patients who face the prospect of amputation due to chronic infections, tumors, serious accidents, limb salvage surgery in India by Forerunners Healthcare is the most preferred choice. Our network of hospitals and doctors have immense experience to perform this surgery which is designed to preserve the limb itself while removing the bone and soft tissues that are affected by disease or injury. This surgery has given the patients with greatest possible level of function. Our surgical specialists in India can help you decide if the limb salvage surgery is right for you and also support you through your recovery and rehabilitation process.


At Forerunners Healthcare Consultants, we offer following services to the global patients seeking limb salvage surgery in India:


  • Assistance with arranging medical visa, accommodation for the patient and family, appointment with surgeons, meals, etc.
  • Association with the best doctors and surgeons at the world class hospitals equipped with latest technology and modern equipments
  • Our group provides complete assistance throughout your medical trip to India by taking utmost care to maintain ethics in meeting the medical needs of our patients
  • Provide low cost limb salvage surgery in India within your budget
  • Provides other vital services such as to and fro airport pickups, vacation tours, etc.

For more information about limb salvage surgery in India, contact Forerunners Healthcare at +91-9371136499 or







Get Brain cancer Surgery in Delhi, India at Affordable Price




Brain Cancer can result from different types of Brain cells leading to Primary Brain Cancer that arises in the Brain itself or if Cancer cells from other part of body invade into the Brain, which lead to secondary Brain Cancer. In this, Cancer cells grow to form a tumour that intervene with the functioning of the Brain such as muscle control, memory, sensation, and may affect other functions of the body. Some of the symptoms of Brain Cancer are dizziness, seizures, headaches, nausea, blurry vision, and blurry vision, even lead to hallucinate, etc.


The tumors are given grade depending on the extent of the invasion of the cells.

  • Grade I – In this stage, the tissue is benign; the cells look almost normal and are growing slowly.
  • Grade II – Here, the cells do not appear to be normal like Grade I and the tissue gets malignant
  • Grade III – In this, the cells appear a lot different from the normal cells and these abnormal cells are growing actively at this stage
  • Grade IV – The cells in the malignant tissue appear highly abnormal and are growing quickly.


Why choose Delhi for Brain Cancer Treatment?


  • Best Hospital Infrastructure – Indian hospitals in particular the Best Cancer Hospitals in Delhi have the best medical infrastructure and are catering to the medical tourists wholeheartedly. The best Cancer cure techniques are implemented in these hospitals, especially by the top surgeons in Delhi.
  • Top Medical and Surgical Oncologist The top medical and surgical Cancer specialists of India, in particular the top cancer doctors in Delhi are renowned around the world for their proficiency and capabilities to deal with the most complex type of Cancer.
  • Affordable Price Cancer treatment not only weighs down the patient physically and mentally but can be extremely burdening financially too. But in India it is still very economically priced. The best cancer hospitals in Delhi are not only looking after the international patients but also keeping the treatment very affordable, particularly the Brain Cancer Surgery Cost in Delhi, much to the respite of these patients.
  • Success Rate The success rate of the cancer hospitals in Delhi matches global standards and this helps the medical tourists in finalizing India as their treatment destination.


To Know the benefits, Please send us query at :  OR  Call us at : +91-9371136499


International Patients travel to India for their Treatment


Patients from across the globe are coming to India, especially to Delhi, for availing good quality treatment, which is offered without any compromise in the quality. The hospital in Delhi are ensuring the best possible Cancer cure to the international patients. These patients find India, in particular Delhi, the best and a very rewarding choice because of the ample availability of advanced Cancer treatment and procedures, the success rates of the Top brain cancer specialist in Delhi and also the brain cancer surgery cost is totally within the budget of these medical tourists.


Why Forerunners Healthcare Consultants?


Forerunners Healthcare Consultants is the leading medical tourism facilitator, which offers services that are unmatched coupled with superlative care. There are many reasons why Forerunners is the best choice for the medical tourists.

  • Tie ups with the best hospitals of India, particularly best cancer hospitals in Delhi
  • Cancer treatments are offered at very reasonable rates, specifically brain cancer surgery
  • Patients are attended by the globally recognized and expert cancer surgeon
  • Hospitals associated with us are internationally accredited and have cutting edge infrastructure
  • We have highly knowledgeable Cancer surgeons empaneled with us
  • Our staff takes care of the patients with great hospitality, right from the moment they arrive in India till their complete recovery
  • Our follow up service take care even after the patients are back in their countries.


If any one looking for brain cancer treatment in India specially in Delhi, Please come  and visit our website to get the benefits of cost affordability in Delhi India.


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Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery in India may be solution for all your obesity problems

One can go through Forerunners health care for the details about obesity surgeries in India.  They can be consulted to know all the details about surgeons and other facilities available in India.  To get hassle free treatment one can visit India so that they can be treated for obesity by the best doctors in the globe. 


Obesity is a big problem in recent years.  Globe never earlier witnessed so much obesity problem.  Changing life style, working in the sitting condition for long hours, less physical work, tensions, food habits, junk food consumption, irregular sleeping timing and working in shifts, all contribute significantly for aobesity.  When obesity comes it does not come alone, it brings its friends high blood pressure or low blood pressure and diabetes with it.  So, all three can enjoy the body of obese person quite comfortably.  It is better that people who doubt that they are becoming obese have to take care about self so that they can escape from all these problems.  To avoid all the problems that come along with obesity doctors suggest Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery in India


It is one of the better ways to become thin and to attain weight loss for the obese people.  It has been established people who went through Gastrectomy surgery have lost weight considerably in the coming 12 to 18 months of time.  It is called as sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery because, the part of stomach looks like banana after surgery.  The remaining stomach will be punched together.  By performing this surgery, surgeons remove major portion of the stomach without obstructing normal function of stomach or any other parts of the stomach.  Surgeons perform this surgery with the help of a tiny camera attached to the probes which will be inserted through making small incisions made on stomach.  With other instruments a camera is also inserted inside the stomach and the display can be seen on the big screen and surgeons perform surgery with the help of camera. 



In India one can get best treatment for every disease.  In some areas of medical treatment India has emerged as one of the best among global countries.  In developed countries the cost of medical treatment are quite high when the same treatment containing all infrastructure and facilities on par with those countries the treatment cost is lesser by 10 to 15 times.  This is an added advantage for the people who want to get treatment and medical care in India.  For this reason medical tourism India is blooming.  Medical tourism companies not only helps people outside India to visit India for all their medical purpose it also helps patients and their family to spend time leisurely by helping them for sightseeing with comfortable accommodation.  Medical Tourism Companies such as Forerunners take care of everything including booking tickets making arrangements for the surgery or medical treatment and sightseeing arrangements everything will be arranged by the company. 


Therefore foreigners can get hassle free treatment in India.  This is an opportunity to get very good superior quality treatment from skilled and expert doctors with international standards hospitals for a lowest rate and sightseeing as a special gift from the company.  It is a nice way to get rid of disease and liberating one from their pain.


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